A downloadable game for Windows

Go for a short walk around the woods, look for butterflies but find mostly caterpillars.

Inspired by a walk through Broxbourne Woods in April 2019, and the sights &sounds we saw while walking there.

NOTE: Currently this game currently only supports PC, and players must ALT-F4 to quit the game as it currently has no menus.


ButterflyWoods.zip 103 MB


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Very nice.  Only thing I noticed was my pace accelerated oddly - I think due to being on an incline.   Otherwise good, relaxed atmoshpere, nice colors, really had a sense of place!

Thanks Steve! First time writing movement but I want to go in and see if I can get rid of the slopes speeding you up and slowing you down.

Thank you for your very nice comments!

It's a lovely little game.  I'd like to see what else you do.